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Why is my pre-work out tub half full?

Sports nutrition companies sell their products by servings/weight hence you will find the jar sometimes half way full, it is much more cost effective for companies to order premade, uniform-sized tubs rather than having tubs custom made for each product. Some companies also do this taking into consideration how the product will look when displayed on a store shelf or next to their other products, it's also more eye appealing to have a bigger tub than a small one.

Can i get samples of motiv-8?

We no longer offer a sample pack of motiv-8 burn. Our top selling flavors of motiv-8 burn are watermelon, cherry lemonade, and kiwi strawberry!

What is the difference between motiv-8 burn + perform?

Motiv-8 perform will be more effective in providing pure strength while motiv-8 burn is focused on pure fat burning. Both pre workouts still provide endurance, energy and focus.

Is your motiv-8 protein made of the highest quality and tested for lead, mercury, pesticides, etc.?

All motiv-8 products are tested to make sure they are not contaminated.


Can i use your products if i'm breastfeeding?

Our products are safe for everyone to take, but we recommend you consult with your physician before adding any supplements to your diet.

Can i take motiv-8 burn + motiv-8 amino at the same time during my workout?

We recommend you take motiv-8 burn before your workout and motiv-8 amino during or after your workout. Burn will provide you with energy, endurance, focus and fat burning while amino will provide you with electrolytes/hydration, added endurance, strength, and recovery. You can also take both on non-training days.

Are any of our products dairy-free or plant-based?

The only motiv-8 product that is dairy-free and plant-based is motiv-8 multi.

The pills in motiv-8 skinny have a weird color to them. Is it safe to still take them?

The pills in skinny sleep naturally change color over time, but the product is still safe and contains the same benefits.

What will motiv-8 detox do for my body?

Detox will drive toxins out of your organs which will be absorbed by the fiber you consume. The pills will promote regularity so you excrete the toxin filled fiber.

Can i take burn and another preworkout on the same day?

You can take burn and another pre workout on the same day, but we recommend you wait 6-8 hours in between products since they are both stimulants.

What is the shelf-life for motiv-8 burn?

2 years

Is motiv-8 protein gluten free / vegan?

None of the motiv-8 protein are gluten-free


Experience of scary side effects, why?

You may have experienced an allergic reaction to the ingredients in the product. We suggest that you consult with your physician first before taking it again or adding any other supplements to your diet.

How many calories in burn?

Zero calories.


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Do you ship internationally?

Currently we only ship international to canada, australia and the uk.


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