16"-24" Nema 5-15 Power Inlet Port Plug Extension Cord For Rv Camper 15 Amp 125V

100% Brand new and never been used. NEMA 5-15P to 5-15R Rated value: 15A/125V 100% copper wire conductor inside Cable Color Scheme: Black -Load (125Volt), White -Neutral, Green -Equipment groud Weatherproof cap design?never worry about heavy rain, snow 16" / 18" / 24" Long extension cord extends connection distance, directly connecting the cord to the existing power source, require No cable modification or hand wiring Following the clear directions, Easy to use for do-it-yourself installation. Fits for: SJT, SJTO, SJTOO, SJTW, SJTOW, SJTOOW, SJE, SJEO, SJEOO, SJEW, SJEOW, SJEOOW Package includes: As the pictures show Tools Required for Assembly: Pencil Electric Drill Hole Saw (2" Hole Saw) 1/8" Drill Bit Flat Blade Screwdriver #8 Pan Head Stainless Steel Screw (4) Cutting/Wire Stripping Pliers