42 Pcs 30 Degree Angle Corner Protector Sleeve Beveled For 1/8" Wire Rope Cable

This 30 Degree 1/8" Wood Post Protector is a hole finishing fitting for 1/8" Cable runs where the hole is drilled at an angle near 30 degrees in the post. Use this fitting to cleanly finish drilled holes on intermediate angled posts on stairways and ramps. Material: Made of T316 marine-grade stainless steel. High tensile strength and anti-fatigue strength Weatherproof. Size: Tilt Angle = 30 Degree, Overall Length of Sleeve = 1.1", Sleeve Diameter=0.28"?Flange Diameter =0.58"(The longest diameter of an ellipse)/0.51"(The shortest diameter of an ellipse), Drill Bit Diameter = 7mm. Design: Often used in conjunction with straight wood post protectors, this 30 degree wood post protectors transition wood post protectors from straight runs transitioning to an angled run. Widely used this on intermediate angled posts on stairways and ramps, it can replace the combination of Straight Protector Sleeves + 30 Degree Angle Beveled Washer, create a cable railing system that exposes your beautiful view while only exposing a nearly flush fitting head. Package: 40 * 30 Degree Stainless Steel Protector Sleeves + 1 * Drill Bit.