50Ft 125V 30Amp Rv Extension Power Cord 100% Copper Wires Trailer Motorhome

100% Brand new and never been used. Length:50 Feet LED power indicator glows green when there is power. Watertight molded plug and connector ends for safety and durability. 50 ft, Heavy duty, super flexible marine grade cable (30 Amp 10 Gauge, 50 Amp 6 Gauge). Female Finger Grip Recepticle: with LED light 30 Amp, 125 Volt Locking. Attaches to RV inlet or cordset. Male Plug: with finger grip, 30 Amp, 125 Volt 2-Pole, 3-Wire RV use only Attaches to pedestal receptacle or cordset. Includes 1 free 30 A Female to 15 A male adapter Fitment: ???????This 50 foot, 30 Amp locking power cord allows you to connect the campground or park power to your RV, Motorhome, Trailer or vehicle. Package includes: 1X RV Power Cord Just as pictures show