For Chevy Gm 31X19 Universal Aluminum Racing Radiator Heavy Duty Extreme Cooling

This double pass radiator works well for oval track racing applications where maximum efficiency is needed. The double pass design offers a 5 to 20 degree coolant temperature drop versus a standard, single pass radiator with equal core size. This double pass radiator features 100% all-aluminum construction. The furnace-brazed core increases durability compared to other radiators with epoxy-glued or crimped-gasket sealing methods. Two rows of 1 inch aluminum tubes allows this radiator to out cool a similarly sized radiator with five rows of copper tubes. A rugged billet aluminum filler neck with screw-in bleed is also included. 31X19 INCH RADIATOR: GM style Competition Row Radiator The upper and lower outlets are set up for a Chevy engine. 100% Tig welded, No epoxy! 2 Row Radiator with 1" Tubes Crossflow Design for better Cooling Overall Size: 502 x 788 x158mm (19.76" x 31.02" x 6.22") Core Size: 580 x 458 x 56mm (22.83" x 18.03" x 2.20") Inlet: 1-1/2" Outlet: 1-3/4" No Built in Transmission Cooler No brackets included Professional Installation is Highly Recommended No Instruction Included 12 INCH SLIM PUSH FAN: 12V, 80W ?7.5 AMP DRAW 10 Blades Color: Black Quantity: 2 PCS Fan Diameter: 12.44" Fan Thickness: 2.36" Maximum Fan CFM: 800 CFM Maximum Fan RPM: 2000�10% RPM Package includes: 1X Aluminum Radiator (Includes Radiator Cap) 1X Aluminum Shroud 2X 12" Fans (Includes mounting kits) Just as pictures show Fitment: