New! For Audi A8 D3 Quattro S8 2002-2010 Air Ride Suspension Compressor Pump

100% Brand New,never been used All parts are hand inspected off the line before packaging and once again by our team before shipment. According to the original factory specifications. Perfect match for the original car. Easy installation. Stable characteristics, high reliability. Aftermarket Products with Premium Quality. Fit for: Audi A8 D3 A8 Quattro Base Sedan 4-Door 4.2L 2002-2010 A8 Quattro Base Sedan 4-Door 6.0L 2010 A8 Quattro L Plus Sedan 4-Door 4.2L 2005-2008 A8 Quattro L Sedan 4-Door 4.2L 2002-2010 A8 Quattro L Sedan 4-Door 6.0L 2005-2009 A8 Quattro Plus Sedan 4-Door 4.2L 2004-2009 S8 Base Sedan 4-Door 4.2L 2002-2003 S8 Base Sedan 4-Door 5.2L 2007-2010 Package including: 1X Air Suspension Compressor Just as pictures show Removal Guideline: Set steering to straight ahead. Raise vehicle. Remove front left wheel Locate and remove the screws from the inner fender well. Remove inner fender well from vehicle. Loosen and remove skid plate fasteners and remove the skid plate to expose vehicle's air suspension compressor. Locate and disconnect all three electrical plugs from the compressor. Locate and remove the air line.Remove the air line fitting from the air hose and discard Locate the intake tube.Slide the spring clamp down the hose and disconnect from the compressor. Locate and remove the three mounting nuts along with the mounting hardware. Installation is in reverse order of air suspension compressor pump removal.